Spring/Deep cleaning

There’s no better place than a home that’s just been Spring cleaned! An abundance of shiny surfaces, sparkling kitchens and bathrooms, polished floors and the eradication of accumulated dust and debris. But – what a huge job Spring cleaning can be ! Spring cleaning can be done at any time of the year, when an exhaustive and all-encompassing cleaning service is needed. Spring cleaning is a difficult and demanding series of cleaning jobs that are combined into one big clean. Our Spring cleaning services in Geelong can include a very deep clean of bathrooms, kitchens, floors, windows, balconies, carpet steam cleaning, upholstery cleaning, plus it includes plenty of dusting. It can be personalised to your needs, preference and budget. We can do your spring cleaning. Our Spring cleaning is done in ONE day, regardless of the size of your home! Because of the number of tasks, the effort involved, and the time consumed

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Woman cleaning at home

Spring cleaning may include following

All Cupboard in and out, Kitchen top, bench top and range hood, splash back, sink clean, scrub and shine, dust and wipe where required, Floors vacuum and Mopped, Skirting board wipe, Wall mark removed. Professional oven cleaning extra.

Toilet scrub, santise and shine, Shower screen cleaning, Any fittings & glass cleaned, clean bathtub rinse and shine, Vanity clean, Mirror clean, Exhaust fan cleaning,Skirting and door wiped, Floors vacuumed and mopped, Tiles cleaning.

Lounge room, Stairs and Hallways carpet vacuumed, Floor Mop, Interior Window clean, Skirting board, light switches wipe.